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SAM SUPER HERO    (  Up to 10 Minutes )

A "bingo" like game where kids learn about 16 Heroes from the Bible including Esther, Jesus, Jonah, Paul, Thomas, Noah, and John the Baptist. Involves your whole audience!

60 Bingo Cards included

STAR WARRIORS   ( 7 Min  )

An exciting Space Age game teaching the life of Christ in TRUE - FALSE questioning. Involves your whole audience!

3 DIFFERENT games available

INDIANA JOE    ( 7 Min )

An exciting - thrill seeking adventure hosted by Indiana Joe! Questions are in True False format and game involves whole audience!

3 Different games available in "The Ancient Book of Secrets" (questions about the Bible)

1 game available in "Ancient World Down Under" (questions about story of Noah)

QUACK UP DUCKS   ( 2 min  )

Children interact with a real time video game as they learn the books of the New Testament. They must duck under, jump over, crouch down and run in place, bend left or right as they go through the Duck Course.  Involves the whole audience!

6 different vids:  Matthew - John, Acts - 2 Corinthians, Galatians - Colossians, 1 Thessalonians -Titus, Philemon - James and 1 Peter - Revelation

The exciting products you see below are not ready for download yet (sorry). We expect to have them available in VIMEO for download as soon as possible.

All these products can be used for audiences of any size and all have been built to have fun and REALLY learn the Word of God!



HOLY SPIRIT OUR SUPER POWER  ( Six part ,lesson averaging 30 minutes each )

Finally, a six part fun teaching on the Holy Spirit for children! Made in a large group, small group atmosphere and hosted by INSPECTOR CLUELESS, kids learn an in depth knowledge of receiving the gift as we read in     Acts 2:4

Made for large and small audiences

BIBLE BOOK BASEBALL - Learn all New Testament books      ( 10 Min )

Picture your kids learning all the books of the New Testament and having the time of their lives in doing so! Just throw out your bases surrounding your kids and watch as 2 teams compete against each other for the WIN! This works with all size audiences and gets everyone involved! KIds don't want to stop playing this game!

Old Testament will be out soon.


What better way to learn Bible knowledge and triva then while riding on TUMBLING ROCK FLUME! This ride is Hosted by Bob Barker from Kids on the Rock Family Theme Park, You pick two teams that will compete to go down the BIG SPLASH...and, oh yes, they will get wet! (Kids want to play over and over again just to get wet!!)

(Leadership has spray guns ready to go)

There are 4 versions of this great ride!    

JBQ BOND     (Each video has 9 questions)     

( 7 MIN )

JBQ BOND is based on the Assemblies of God JBQ quiz program which has kids across the country competing to be the best in knowledge of the Word of God. Our first phase of JBQ BOND will be the 288 ten point questions. This game has been built for small to large audiences and gives a seven second time limit to get as many kids in on answering each question. They will win points for their side. This game was  built for the BEGINNER in JBQ. Even if you don't do JBQ, this game will advance your kids into the deeper knowledge of the Word of God!